Cloud migrations and hybrid IT environments

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Would you like to avoid having to replace your old server(s) or investing in this type of hardware? Are you interested in leveraging the reliability and ease of use of some cloud services while ensuring your data remains hosted in Switzerland? Or you might want to extend your existing infrastructure without upgrading your current systems?

There are many good reasons to opt for "the Cloud". Ovix experts can help you better understand the benefits of integrating Cloud Solutions and take into account potential limitations.


of organizations using some type of cloud service


fewer security incidents on public cloud IaaS workloads


Ovix multidisciplinary engineers can assist you with your transition to the Cloud by:

  • Assessing the expected benefits from the transition (both on the technical and financial side).
  • Implementing and maintaining your new Cloud infrastructure.
  • Planning for and managing your entire migration to the Cloud.
  • Optimizing and making it easier to manage your Cloud infrastructure while reducing costs.

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