Modern collaboration and remote work

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With the outbreak of the pandemic, you might have had to take urgent steps to enable remote work for your team(s).

Your objective now might be to optimize these investments and ensure you take advantage of all available security mechanisms, thus benefitting from the highest level of protection.
You might also be interested in fully leveraging all features offered by modern collaboration tools (video-conferencing, live co-editing of documents, PSTN telephony directly in your app, etc.).

You are in the right place! Ovix experts can provide relevant solutions and effectively guide you towards achieving these goals thanks to their broad experience in the implementation and management of all type of IT infrastructures (traditional, hybrid, cloud-based).


Thanks to innovative platforms, effective collaborations in the context of remote work are now possible without any security compromise.

Ovix specialists can help you select platforms that best suit your business and collaboration model, assist you with their implementation and address any security concerns.

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