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Nowadays, cyberattacks indiscriminately target all companies and organizations, independently of their size or industry.

Whether you are aiming at protecting your environment against ransomware and other malware, which are becoming more widespread and sophisticated, or whether your goal is to secure your entire Information System, in a context where remote work has become essential, Ovix can help you identify and implement the technical and organizational measures that best fit your organization.


of all data breaches occurred at small businesses


of attacks on SMBs results in a breach


While no single technical solution can effectively secure your entire Information System, combining a few innovative technological solutions with relevant organizational measures can significantly improve your overall protection level.

By leveraging a holistic approach, required in this context, Ovix cybersecurity specialists will identify the main risk factors and improvement opportunities in your environment to help you prioritize your investments.
They will advise you on how to best protect:

  • Your data hosted locally or outsourced
  • Your users in their daily use of the company's systems
  • Your wired/wireless computer network and remote accesses

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